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Christ-Centered Values Education

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  Seven Great Decisions of Life!  

How to be like Jesus

How to make good decisions
What to believe
How to be a person of virture
How to treat people
How to use my time wisely
How to be healthy


Encounter with Christ brings a REBIRTH to new life, with new values and character. This is the purpose of REBIRTH values education. Virtures and character traits have been arranged in groups that are represented by each letter of REBIRTH.

These are virtures and beliefs that are essential to the ideals of Adventist Education. They are basic to Christian character development and should be carefully integrated into the curriculum of every class. These have been grouped to help students learn to face the Seven Great Decisions of Life. Each virture is based on a relationship with God.

Christ Centered Values Education
By Stephen Guptill and Martha Johnson
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