How to Use the Subject Supplements to Integrate Adventist virtues and beliefs in your Class

Step 1

Read the Personal Preparation section and prayerfully consider the exciting task before you. Consider uniting with God in forming the character of these students God has entrusted to you. Review the Adventist Philosophy of Education for an overview of how to approach your work.

Step 2

Turn to the section of the supplement that has the subject area you wish to integrate and become acquainted with the 8 approaches to teaching Christian values. Consider each approach and the related sub-points. Write in your own applications along with the examples that are given. Think of as many as you can. You will need these when you go to Step 3.



Step 3

Use your subject textbook and the course outline showing what you plan to teach each week during the school year. As you consider each topic in the course outline find an approach(Step 2) you think will be good for that topic and record your idea in the course outline as you see illustrated in the sample. A blank Class Schedule Form is provided in the Appendix. These ideas for integration can be expanded further when you do your daily lesson plans.

Step 4

After teaching the values, review your success in presenting the values to your students. Consider the evaluation questions provided to help you make adjustments and improve your teaching the next time.