This textbook supplement has been prepared to help you present Adventist values, lifestyle, beliefs and mission along with essential subject content vital to Adventist education. Most of the Adventist schools within the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) use government or public syllabi and textbooks for all but Bible subjects and this supplement is intended to assist you to make your classes more Adventist.

The materials provided in this supplement are not intended to give the entire Adventist curriculum but rather, provide ways to go about making your lessons Adventist. Examples are given to help you learn how to make your own applications suited to the needs of your students. You should seek other approaches, methods and applications beyond what is included here to achieve the ideals for our children.

The supplement is organized in four easy steps: The first section is the personal preparation and orientation a teacher should have when doing values education. The second and third sections give the approaches and applys them to the course outline. These are repeated in each subject area. The final section deals with evaluation and adjustments for improvement.


4 Steps to Integration of Faith and Values

STEP 1. Personal Preparation Spiritual Preparation
Wholesome virtues are from God
Virtues become values when they are owned
Teaching at the student’s developmental level
Adventist Philosophy of Education
STEP 2. Learning the Approaches - included in each subject section Explain the philosophy and rationale
Create a spiritual atmosphere
Prepare students to fulfill the mission of the church
Feature model Christian contributors
Use REBIRTH to teach virtues
Add essential Adventist content
Link topics to faith and virtues
Use supporting resources
STEP 3. Integrate course outline Use approaches in step 2 and write plans in the course outline
STEP 4. Evaluate and adjust How can we do it better?