There are many ways to teach Christian values but to make it easy, we have grouped them into 8 approaches. These approaches have each been applied to this subject area with examples to help you understand them. Read through each approach and consider how you can apply it to your class. Try to make your own examples and applications for each approach and sub-point. Write them on the blanks and in the tables provided in your book to remind you of your ideas later when you want to use them in your class. You will also want to refer to these when you put them in your course outline. Talk to other teachers and friends about each approach and collect and record your ideas.

You will find that these approaches, when used together with your textbook and course outline, will provide a wealth of ideas for teaching Christian values and faith. The better you become acquainted with these approaches the sooner they will come to mind when you are teaching or planning for integration of faith and learning.


Here are the 8 approaches with examples from this subject area:
Explain the Philosophy and Rationale Use REBIRTH To Teach Virtues
Create a Spiritual Atmosphere Add Essential Adventist Content

Prepare Students To Fulfill The Mission Of The Church

Link Topics To Faith And Virtues
Feature Model Christian Contributors Use Supporting Resources